Sirana Gligora

Sirana Gligora (Gligora Dairy) is a family run dairy in the village of Kolan which specializes in the production of the world renowned Paški Sir as well as several other internationally awarded cheeses.

Sirana Gligora

Sirana Gligora

The dairy is open for group tours through the summer where you can learn the fascinating history of the the dairy and the rich heritage of Croatia’s most famous cheese.  The tour takes in the state-of-the-art production rooms before leading you through the maturing cave where there could be up to 180 tonnes, or around 90,000 wheels of cheese.

The best is saved to the last and the tour finished in the cheese tasting room which nestles on top of the dairy offering great views across the island, here you can taste several kinds of their award winning cheese at your leisure with wines and pršut ( cured ham).

After make sure you stop by their shop where you can pick up a piece of your favourite cheese, browse though some creative  souvenirs or take a bottle of fine Croatian wine, of which Boškinac Grand Curvee and Gegić come highly recommended.

More about the dairy and cheese can be found on their blog here.


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